1. Law & Justice                                                                                   

Founded in 1963, Law & Justice is a Christian Law Review published in England which explores a wide variety of legal issues from a Christian perspective.

The full text of articles from previous editions of Law & Justice is available electronically through Hein Online.

  1. Political Theology                                            

Political Theology is an interdisciplinary journal that investigates and examines religious and political issues. The stated aims of the journal are to:

  1. Deconstruct specific instances of political activity

  2. Reflect upon the mechanisms of power in civil life

  3. Examine the operation of alliances and coalitions, and the relationship between personal ambition and political vision

  4. Analyse theological paradigms employed by those engaged with political disclosures

  5. Explore power dynamics within and between nations

  1. The Journal of Church and State                                                          

This is an American journal which publishes constitutional, historical, philosophical, theological, and sociological studies on religion and the body politic in various countries and cultures of the world, including the United States.

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