A Trinitarian Theology of Law (2009) in which he looks at the theologies of law offered by Jurgen Moltmann, Oliver O’Donovan and Thomas Aquinas, and argues that the Christian understanding of God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit is the basis of Christianity’s vision of law as a necessary but limited instrument in keeping peace and achieving justice.
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A Biblical View of Law and Justice (2004) in which he explores the biblical message about law and justice, from Genesis to Revelation.
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David contributed the chapter ‘Shire Justice: What hobbits can teach us about shalom’, in Hoek, Ingleby, Kingston-Smith and Kingston-Smith, Carnival Kingdom (2013). 
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David contributed a chapter asking ‘Does the law need a moral basis?’ to Religion and Law (2012), available to download at

David contributed a chapter on ‘Theology and Legal Theory’ to Brittain and Murphy  Theology, University, Humanities (2011)
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David also contributed a chapter on ‘An overview of the role of government in classical Christian political thought’ to Spencer and Chaplin God and Government (2009)
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David has published over 40 articles in journals including Law and Justice, Justice Reflections, New Blackfriars, Journal of Church and State, Nottingham Law Journal, Political Theology, the Cambrdidge Papers, Anvil, Angelicum and Evangelical Quarterly

The Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship has prepared a series of bible studies which draw on the themes in David’s book ‘A Biblical View of Law and Justice’.  To access the bible studies on-line Click Here
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David’s Publications Include: is maintained by Dr David H. McIlroy, who is a practising barrister and Visiting Senior Lecturer in Law at SOAS, University of London. Read more...

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