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(comments from previous students)

Spurgeon’s College is offering the opportunity to study the Mission of Justice and the Theology of Law in the academic year 2013-14.  This module at master’s level can be taken on its own or in combination with two other modules at Spurgeon’s College for a Postgraduate Certificate in Theology.  Together with three further modules it leads to a Postgraduate Diploma; writing a 15,000 dissertation can bring you an M.A.

The module aims to introduce students to

  1. the principal biblical and theological approaches to law and justice;

  2. the importance of justice as an aspect of the kingdom of God;

  3. the theological basis for advocacy as an aspect of Christian mission.

The module looks at the biblical material relating to law and justice, at natural law theories, at historical answers to the questions of law and justice from Augustine, to Aquinas, Luther, Calvin and the Anabaptists, as well as resources from systematic theology such as the Trinity and the Incarnation for formulating a theology of law.  Contemporary questions addressed include reflections on human rights, the purpose of government and its relation to the Church, the role of Christian organisations in using law as a tool to bring about justice, and current theories of law in both philosophy and theology.

The module will be taught by Dr David McIlroy, practising barrister and author of A Biblical View of Justice and A Trinitarian Theology of Law.

The teaching on the module takes place in two intensive blocks, on 7th and 8th November 2013 and 13th and 14th February 2014 in order to enable those with other professional commitments or studies to attend.  Assessment will be by way of a 6,000 essay. 

To obtain an enrollment form, please contact Rosie Holley at